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Study of picasso  X
Study of picasso X
Type | Framed Art
Medium | Prints > Lithograph
Style | Abstract,Expressionistic,Impressionistic
Subject | Abstract > Characters
Creation | 2023
Author | JiaHui Li
Size | W40cm x H45cm ; W15.7inches x H17.7inches
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Study of picasso  X
Product Description
Without a particularly outstanding artistic attitude to be known for, Lee just has a strong passion for drawing and painting, and she likes creating art more than anything. Lee does not stick to a fixed style when it comes to art creation; she is sensitive and committed, and is always looking for the essence of aesthetics through exploring all kinds of new things. She believes that a serious and persistent attitude is the key to unexpected results. With a set of unique aesthetic values and artistic skills, Lee is exceptional in conveying her own ideas and thoughts through detailed artworks. She fully embraces her art creation and is committed to pursuing her artistic career to a full extent.
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